Cheap Ass Chinese-Made Piggyback Shocks for Triumph Bonneville


Give your Triumph Bonneville the look of a new Thruxton-R with these cheap-ass shocks.

Overall length: 360mm

Preload Adjustment: Easily Cross-Threaded

Length Adjustment: Do so at own risk

Spring Rate: Who cares?

Fits: All 2001-2015 Hinckley Triumph 790 & 865cc air-cooled twins and just about any Chinese scooter in the neighborhood.

Warranty: 90 seconds or 90 feet. Whichever comes first.


April 1, 2019

In the time honored American tradition of ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’, we are truly ashamed to now offer you these Chinese-made scooter shocks being passed-off on the Interweb by others as being suitable for road-going full-size motorcycles. They are not!

These blatant knock-off’s of the well known “O” brand feature iconic styling clues such as gold anodizing & yellow springs (and now all-black too).  There is a damping knob at the bottom of the shocks that one would assume is a rebound damping adjustment.  Unfortunately, it does nothing.  Same of the compression damping knob above the reservoir.  It’s purely decorative.  In fact, we suspect the piggyback reservoir is fake too.  But casual passers-by will think you have $1500+ exotic high-end racing shocks… and isn’t that all that really matters?

These shocks are supplied without any brand name identification.  They’re a blank canvas for your imagination.  Just add the decals (not included) of your favorite suspension supplier to complete the deceptio…. errr…. illusion.

WE DO NOT ENDORSE OPERATING A MOTORCYCLE WITH THESE SHOCKS.  We present them exclusively for static display use only. Operating a full size motorcycle with these shocks may result in injury or death. Buyers assume all liability.

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