Classic 7/8″ Clip-on Handlebars


A timeless classic design straight out of the 50’s and 60’s. All steel construction and designed to fit 41mm fork tubes (all Hinckley twins and Harley’s too). Available in either chrome or gloss black, for 7/8″ controls & grips. The hand tubes are welded to the fork tube sleeves at approximately 9° for the traditional downward slope and twin socket head pinch bolts are used to lock the bars in-place. Going after a period correct look? Or, just working on a budget? Both criteria are met with these classic clip-on bars.


Fitment Notes

  • When used on a Hinckley twin, the stock headlight brackets must be removed and replaced with aftermarket brackets to provide at least 50mm of exposed upper fork tube for the clip-on’s to be mounted.

Key Dimensions

  • Fork Tube Sleeve ID: 41mm
  • Fork Sleeve Height: 50mm
  • Handlebar Tube OAL: 297mm
  • Handlebar Tube Usable Length: 244mm

LIMITED FITMENT on 2016 WATER-COOLED MODELS. Inquire for details.

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