EBC Round Rear Brake Rotor


Add vastly improved braking performance with these high performance brake rotors from the renowned EBC. The rotors are specifically designed for Hinckley Twins and are made in the UK with tough “fracture-proof” HPSR steel. The unique “Birds-wing” cross-drilled pattern ensures fully overlapping holes which prevent disc “ridging” as pads and disc wear. It also helps maintain a flat braking surface on the pads. The clear Zinc plating helps prevent corrosion and looks pretty dame cool! Matching EBC pads are available and are suggested to be used with these high performance discs.


EBC Solid Rear Brake Rotor fits the following 2001-2015 models only:

  • Standard Bonneville with wire spoke wheels
  • T100 Bonneville
  • Bonneville SE with cast aluminum wheels
  • Scrambler
  • Thruxton

Bonneville America & Speedmaster Rear Rotors are special order. Please call to order.