LED Turn Signal Flasher Relay


Want to convert over to LED turn signals? The stock mechanical flasher relay will not work properly. Replace it in seconds with this microprocessor-controlled plug-n-play LED-compatible turn signal flasher relay. Supplied with rubber mounting grommet so it can be installed in the stock location on all Hinckley 800/900 twin models originally equipped with a 3-prong flasher. Works with all LED, Halogen and/or incandescent indicators.


LED Turn Signal Flasher Relay

NOTE – CARBURETED BIKES ONLY: The stock dash panel incandescent bulb is not compatible with LED indicators. The dash panel bulb must be removed or modified to work with an LED dash panel bulb.

NOTE – EFI BIKES ONLY WITH VDO GAUGES:  This flasher only works on those models with separate dash panel indicator lights adjacent to the speedometer.  DOES NOT WORK on models with LED dash panel lights integrated into the VDO speedometer.  Your bike must have a 3-prong flasher relay, not 2-prong. For motorcycle VIN number 521668 and lower only.

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