Polished Aluminum Monza Fuel Cap


Born out of racing where speed in re-fueling is critical, these iconic fuel caps can be found on vintage Grand Prix race bikes and cars going back to motorsport’s earliest days. These polished aluminum Monza style flip-up fuel caps are adapted to fit:

2001-2015 Air/Oil Cooled Bonneville, T100, Scrambler & Thruxton

2016-current Water Cooled Bonneville T120 and Street Twin

1995 Thunderbird, Adventurer, Legend


Polished Aluminum Monza Cap

A spring-loaded latch releases the Monza Cap with a simple push, yet keeps it securely tight when closed.

A special precision aluminum adaptor threads into your tank’s original bung opening and is locked into place. It has a secondary benefit of protecting your paint and concealing any existing damage. The Monza Cap is threaded onto the adaptor and you have a classic looking, highly functional fuel cap that is sure to impress.