Smart Tail Light Flasher Module


Simple to add High Visibility for any vehicle.  The GearBrake Smart Module is spliced-in between your brake light and the vehicles wiring harness.  Once installed, the module will flash your brake light (or auxiliary lights if you prefer) for 2 seconds if you apply the brake(s) or slow down.  The brake light will remain on full-time only if the brake(s0 are being applied.

The sensitivity of the G-force needed to trigger the module is adjustable.  Module comes with instructions, Velcro mounting pad and a spirit level.  Module measure 2-1/4″ x 1-1/2″ x 1/2″ and has 12″ pigtail.


[Courtesy of GearBrake]
  • Automatically Detects When You Are Slowing: We’ve made critical advancements in our technology that automatically detects slowing without the need for physical actuation of a brake.
  • Provide a Rear Flashing Alert: Upon slowing, GearBrake reacts with a 2 second pulsing alert, then solidly illuminates the brake light until you release the brake.
  • The added time enables drivers behind you to know that you are slowing and gives you additional peace of mind, especially in heavy traffic.