Air Injection Removal Kit for Triumph Bonneville, Thruxton, Scrambler


All 2001-2015 Hinckley Triumph models with 790cc or 865cc engines come from the factory with EPA-mandated pollution control equipment such as air injection into the exhaust stream. The fresh air mixes with the burnt and unburned exhaust gases to reduce harmful pollutants. A byproduct of this system is super-heated exhaust gases (like fanning the flames of a fire) which in-turn can cause the header pipes of your exhaust system to turn blue.

Economy Air Injection Elimination Kit: BCE-025

This economy Air Injection Elimination Kit allows you to safely remove the unsightly chrome tubes from the cylinder head as well as the associated plumbing under the fuel tank. The bolts come with the proper crush washers, a vacuum port cap, airbox hose plug and instructions. Just unbolt the stock system and replace with these parts using basic hand tools.


NOTE: Removal of pollution-control devices from motor vehicles are restricted in some areas. Please check your local laws first.

We also offer an SAIS solenoid Bypass Plug for 2009-2015 EFI models:

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