Dominator Mufflers for Triumph Bobber & Speedmaster 1200


Slip-on performance mufflers for the Triumph Bobber & Speedmaster 1200.  Offered in two (2) styles:

Bullet: 3” Canister-style muffler, 18” OAL. 3” front cone, 13” rear canister. Stepped perf core 1.50”/2” final outlet.

Martini: Classic Martini shaker style.  22” OAL.  1.50” perf core.

Both mufflers sets are offered in your choice of brushed SS, Polished mirror finish SS and Black ceramic.

These mufflers are manufactured in the US by Cone Engineering.  Regrettably, these mufflers are not available for sale or use on California licensed vehicles. Call to discuss.


[Courtesy of Cone Engineering]

Our newest offering is for the Triumph Bobber and Speedmaster (DOES NOT fit the air-cooled Speedmaster).  Our system is a complete “bolt-in-place” installation.  There is no cutting of the stock headers as is required with some other aftermarket exhausts.  It replaces the stock exhaust from the catalytic converter back, they can connect to either the stock catalytic converter or to a “cat delete” or “X” pipe replacement.

Not available for shipping to AK, CA or HI. Remaining lower 47 states only.

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