EFI Reprogramming Data Cable


This cable is required for reprogramming your 2009-2015 Bonneville Electronic Fuel Injection system with aftermarket software such as TuneECU.

The OBD-II connector matches that on all EFI Hinckley Triumph Bonneville 900 Twins and other models too. The USB connection works with any Mac or PC laptop with a suitable USB port.

NOTE: Visit www.tuneecu.com for free downloadable software for reprogramming your 2009-2015 Hinckley Bonneville twin with customizable maps.

Cable may be a different color than that shown in photo.  Same exact cable other than color.


NOTE: This cable is fully compatible with TUNEECU software and EFI Triumph motorcycles. They have the correct chip set.

11/07/2016  To date, we had sold hundreds of these cables without complaints.  We have also received a small handful of complaints (less than a dozen) from Windows & Apple users who could not get their computers to recognize the cable.  After testing these cables and finding them to work with our computers, we have implemented a FINAL SALE policy on these cables.