Matris Adjustable Fork Cartridge kit for Triumph Bobber Black


Form Italy’s famed Matris dampers come yet another innovative suspension upgrade, this time for the new Triumph Bobber Black.  Specifically engineered for the larger 43mm forks on the Bobber Black model, the F20K Cartridge Kit features sportbike style separate compression & rebound damping adjustments as well as pre-load.  Best of all, the installation is very quick & easy and does not require any modifications to fit.  Coupled with a matching Matris Mono Shock, you will be amazed at the performance gains in handling & comfort.


[Courtesy of Matris Dampers]

Hydraulic fork cartridge kit that completely replace all the existing fork internals.  Fully-adjustable on Spring Preload, and on separate and asymmetrical Compression and Rebound functions to allow an excellent upgrade of the original fork, offering to the rider a greater customization of the set-up.

Fork cartridge cylinder D.20 mm and Pumping rod D.12 mm in Aluminium alloy with anti-friction lapping and oxidation surface treatment.

Set of Compression and Rebound valves, machined from Aluminium billet, with its own dedicated shims stack for a total hydraulic flows control.  Anti-cavitation valve sets.

No modification to the original fork is required for assembly the fork kit and it is completely overhauled for a proper and regular maintenance.

All components of the cartridge are made of Aluminum alloy and subjected to anodizing surface treatment, with the objective to contain the weights and to ensure long-lasting wear.
Fork kit supplied with specific fluid.

– Spring preload (range 15 mm)
– Rebound (range 38 clicks)
– Compression (range 38 clicks)

Set of linear spring in Si-Cr alloy Steel, available in different rates,
specific for the different bike models and the driver weight, for a total custom.