Motone Turn Signal Mounting Brackets


Relocating and mounting of aftermarket turn signals has never been easier since the introduction of these custom mounting brackets in your choice of silver or black.



Mounting our aftermarket turn signals has just become so much easier with the addition of these English-made aluminum turn signal mounting brackets.

Three styles are offered to match just about any configuration:

Top-of-Shocks rear brackets mount at the top of your shocks and places the turnsignals just behind the shocks.  Available in your choice of satin black or polished silver.

Rear-of-Frame brackets attach to the existing frame screw holes under the seat and locates the turnsignals just below the seat base. Slotted brackets offer some range of adjustability.  Available in your choice of satin black or polished silver.

Front Relocation brackets reposition the front indicators below the headlight shell and behind the voltage regulator just like on a Thruxton.  Available in your choice of satin black or satin silver.

All bracket styles are manufactured out of aircraft-grade aluminum.