Norman Hyde Aluminum Fork Brace


Here’s another innovative products the UK’s Norman Hyde. This fork brace was designed not only to keep your front end straight & true, but also to look good as well. It fits the Standard/ T100 Bonneville, Thruxton and Scrambler with either the stock fender, or aftermarket fender.  Does not fit Mag Wheel equipped models.

It is cast in high quality aluminum alloy, CNC machined for precision fit and is light, stiff and features your choice of natural silver or satin black finish. The underside has tapped holes to accept either the stock fender (with it’s mount removed) or aftermarket fenders such as Norman Hyde’s TX fender and BellaCorse Chrome Front Fender. It can also be installed on top of the stock fender without any modifications. An optional extended lip on both sides allows installation of the stock plastic stone guards or fork gaiters.


Norman Hyde Aluminum Fork Brace

Versions compatible for all years and (most) models of standard chassis Hinckley 790 & 865 twins. A direct bolt-on item using basic hand tools. Options to use with or without fork gaiters or stone guards. Offered in natural cast aluminum silver or Satin Black finish to match lower fork legs.

Does Not Fit Mag Wheel Equipped Models.