COVID-19 Service Notice

During the current global health crisis, we are exercising our due dilligence and public obligation to minimize our contact with other people.  To that end, we have reduced our visits to the Post Office from daily to twice-a-week.  Furthermore, we will be using FedEX as our default shipping method.  Daily pick-ups will remain undisturbed for the time being.  We are also practicing the appropriate hygiene techniques to assure our customer’s safety & piece-of-mind.  Carrier delays in delivery service are to be expected.

Importation of goods from outside the US, especially from Italy is experiencing long delays.  US Customs is prioritizing PPE & other healthcare products adding to the delays.  Please take these factors into consideration before placing your orders.  Calling us before ordering is always advisable.

Lastly, for our own protection, we are limiting what products can be returned for exchange or refund.  Here again, calling us to discuss is advisable.

Be safe. Be well.

Your friends at SEL-MOTION Motorsports

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