Fork “Tune & Groom” Kit


A simple and inexpensive way to improve both the look and performance of your standard chassis Hinckley 790 & 865 forks. Our “Tune & Groom” kit features four (4) precision stainless steel shims and a zinc coated axle nut.

Is your front wheel not centered to the fender?  If you were to raise the front wheel off the ground and loosen the axle nut, you’ll notice how the lower fork legs will spread apart. The drawing together creates stiction by bowing the upper fork legs together, adding unnecessary load on the bushings and preventing the forks from working as efficiently as they can.

The precision shims placed between the speedometer drive and the LH fork leg addresses this problem allowing you to fine-tune the fit.

Cap off the job with a shiny new zinc plated axle nut.  THIS KIT WAS DEVELOPED BY THRUXTON RACERS & IS TRACK PROVEN TO WORK


This kit is designed to center your front wheel & reduce friction within your hydraulic forks by shimming the front axle.

Fits all years and models of standard chassis Hinckley 790 & 865 twins with wire spoke wheels:


-Bonneville T100



Not intended for the Mag wheel Bonneville, America or Speedmaster.

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