R&G Swingarm Rear Axle Slider / Spools For Triumph Bobber & Speedmaster 1200


These off-set rear axle slider spools provide not only crash protection, but also lifting points for a rear paddock stand.  For Triumph Bobber & Speedmaster 1200 models.

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R&G-racing-paddock-spools+fork slider for Triumph
Price for both:   $155.98


R&G Swingarm Rear Axle Slider / Spools For Triumph Bobber & Speedmaster 1200

[Courtersy of R&G Racing]

The R&G offset cotton reel swingarm spools for Triumph water-cooled twins provide a lifting point for the rear of the motorcycle while also acting as crash protection in the event of a fall or slide. Hearty alloy construction utilizes brackets that secure to the rear axle without drilling, cutting or any other permanent modifications. The beefy swingarm spools are made from CNC machined HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) which is the same impact absorbing and abrasion resistant material used in the successful R&G frame sliders. De-embrittled bolts secure the bobbins and provide an extra level of protection as they will not shear at the point of failure (like typical untreated bolts) but bend instead so your motorcycle is never left unprotected.

These offset cotton reels are a great investment when you consider the repair or replacement cost of the swingarm, rear axle, rear brake, chain, and sprocket. General maintenance including chain cleaning/adjustment, rear brake work, and tire changes are also more convenient when combined with a paddock stand. Enhance your Bobber or Street Cup with a set of offset swing arm spools from the protection professionals at R&G!


  • Robust alloy construction
  • Durable powder coated finish enhances corrosion resistance
  • Provides a lifting point for the back end of the motorcycle
  • Offset design allows more clearance for the exhaust during suspension travel
  • Specially designed bracket also improves strength over traditional threaded cotton reels
  • Hearty cotton reel/swingarm spool is machined from the same impact absorbing & abrasion resistant HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) as the successful frame R&G frame sliders
  • Sliders are designed to be the first point of contact during a fall or slide to protect the swingarm, rear axle, rear brake rotor, chain & sprocket
  • Straightforward bolt on mounting utilizes the rear axle for installation without the need for modifications
  • De-embrittled spool bolts will bend instead of shearing at the point of failure so your motorcycle isn’t left unprotected
  • Compatible with R&G or many other popular brands of paddock stands
  • Eases general maintenance including tire changes, chain/rear brake/ sprocket maintenance, tire changes & wheel cleaning
  • Great for use during storage to prevent flat spotting the rear tire
  • Designed & engineered in the UK

What’s In The Box:

  • R&G offset cotton reel swingarm spools (pair)
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions

Note: This R&G Offset Cotton Reel kit has been specially designed to move the Cotton Reel/Paddock Stand Bobbin location further rearward. If paddock stand bobbins are installed into the OE swingarm position they’ll impact the OE exhaust during suspension travel, causing damage and suspension performance issues.