Saddlebar & Luggage Carrier for 2018+ Royal Enfield 650 INT & GT


These high quality saddlebag & luggage carriers feature heavy duty steel construction and is powder coated semi-gloss black for high durability.  Can be use with matching SW-Motech bags and/or most aftermarket saddlebars & luggage.  Also adds an additional level of crash protection.


[Courtesy of SW-Motech)

The precise bike-specific development of the side carrier allows for simple and secure mounting on original attachment points on the bike. Side bags can be attached and removed with a few hand grips via the quick-lock system without the driver having to forego a reliable bag mount. The SLC carrier provides a secure hold for the Legend Gear LC1/LC2 side bags the URBAN ABS side cases the SysBag 10/15 with adapter plate and the universal side bracket number plate.