BoosterPlug Fuel Injection Performance Add-on


Here’s a very simple solution to getting more power out of your 2009-current fuel injected Triumph twin.  Your fuel injection computer is pre-programmed to add more fuel as the outside temperature going down.

The BoosterPlug takes advantage of this system and “tricks” the stock computer into thinking it’s colder outside than it really is.  This process add up to 6% more fuel through the ambient temperature range.  Installation is as easy as can be… literally plug-n-play.


[Courtesy of BoosterPlug]

Improving your bike the smart way – without extensive tuning sessions 

The BoosterPlug is set up by us to solve the lean running issues on your Triumph, and requires no additional adjustments from the customer. Installing the BoosterPlug is a matter of clicking it in to the bikes wiring harness, and then you are ready to go out and enjoy the improvements. It’s as easy as that !
Alternative products like the Power Commander are expensive and difficult to set up correctly, and most of them never are…
So the simple and cost effective BoosterPlug fuel injection optimization will be the better choice for most Triumph owners.

IMPORTANT:  Select exact model of Air-Cooled (AC) or Water-Cooled (WC) motorcycle from selection box.

NOTE: Works with 2016-2019 Triumph Water-Cooled 900cc & 1200cc Twin with Euro-4 ECU.  Will not work on 2021 & newer Euro-5 ECU equipped motorcycles.

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